Mark Hunter / Owner

Mark’s first nickname, “Mark the Hammer” was coined by his father, a gifted engineering mind; renowned for understanding, building, and fixing. This is where Mark’s passion began.

Mark runs the show at Tight House. He has been running a small home improvements business in southern Maine since 2003. He is a certified building analyst (BPI), a master carpenter, studying Electricaian, and a fixer of most things. He is hands on in all installations while still wearing a few other hats like taking inquiries, visiting homes for estimates, customer communcations, and follow through. You may wonder how he has time for his beautiful family.

Mark is pationate about energy savings. Since 2009, Tight House has implemented well over 100 whole home weatherization projects (a fancy name for crawling around in attics to find and fix energy leaks) and provided Efficiency Maine rebates during this time. Well over $1,000,000 of energy has been saved for homeowners while making their homes more comfortable, safer, and extending the life of their energy moving equipment.

Mark handles all Efficiency Maine rebates. These are instant rebates. The homeowner signs the simple forms provided and Tight House handles the rest. Let’s work together on your next energy savings project!

mark hunter owner

> Certified Building Analyst (BPI)

> Master Carpenter

> Studying Electrician

> Home Improvement Guru

john technician

John / Technician

Tight House is a small installation crew. The owner is hands on in all services and provides personal accountability for quality and costs.

You will love the crew. We are friendly, and I think have good sense of humor. We handle one home at a time and try to be as low impact as possible. We are neat and courteous and get the job done in a timely manner.

We are craftsman.
We communicate well.
We do what we say.
We follow through.