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Heat pumps are innovative heating & cooling systems that offer numerous benefits for homeowners.

At Tight House, we specialize in installing top-of-the-line Fujitsu heat pumps that provide efficient and reliable heating and cooling solutions for your home. Our expertise in home performance ensures that your heat pump installation is tailored to your specific needs, providing maximum comfort and energy savings.

Efficiency Maine Rebates
Take advantage of Efficiency Maine rebates for whole house heat pump systems. These rebates make heat pump installations more affordable and accessible, helping you transition to a more efficient heating and cooling solution.

Heat Pumps Description
Mini-split heat pumps are electrically powered home heating devices that efficiently extract outdoor air heat energy and pump it indoors for space heating. They are cost-effective, environmentally friendly alternatives to traditional heating methods, eliminating the need for fossil fuels and creating comfortable living spaces.

Sizing and Configuration
Proper sizing is crucial for optimal performance and efficiency. With years of experience in home performance, Mark Hunter ensures that your heat pump configuration is accurately sized to meet the heating and cooling demands of your home.

Typical Installation for a 2000 Square Foot Home

  • One 15,000 BTU unit in a common living space on the first floor
  • One 9000 BTU unit ideally in an open second-floor space or master bedroom
  • Installation cost: approximately $11,000
  • Minus $4000 Efficiency Maine rebate = out-of-pocket $7000
  • Federal tax credit up to $2000 = $5000 out-of-pocket
  • $6,000 – 8,000 rebates available for income eligible homes
  • Enjoy greatly increased comfort, energy savings of up to $1000 per year, and included awesome air conditioning.

Income Eligible Efficiency Maine Rebates

  • Any income: $4000 rebate
  • Moderate income: $6000 rebate (for married couples making less than $100k per year and single individuals making less than $70k Adjusted Gross Income)
  • Low income: $8000 rebate

Air Conditioning
Heat pumps also provide excellent air conditioning capabilities, offering quiet and efficient cooling without the need for seasonal reinstallation like window units.


> Reduce reliance on fossil fuels

> Lower carbon footprint

> Lower Energy Bills

> Year round comfort

> greener alternative to heating & cooling

> Indoor air circulation

> Dehumidification & Air filtration


Ready to enjoy efficient, eco-friendly heating and cooling?

Heat Pump rebate incentives up to $10,600!

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